Louis Soonius

Louis Soonius
10.03.1883 (The Hague, The Netherlands) - 09.03.1956 (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Lodewijk ‘Louis’ Soonius was born in The Hague on March 10th 1883. He was a painter of colourful beach scenes and views of harbours, towns and seascapes. He found his inspiration where he lived, in The Hague, the beach at Scheveningen and sometimes Katwijk. Nearly his entire life he lived and worked in The Hague area, where he was a member of the ‘Haagse Kunstkring, an artist’s society. Soonius received his artistic training at the Academy of Arts in The Hague and was a gifted draughtsman. Soonius passed away in his hometown on March 9th 1956, at the age of 72. His cheerful beach scenes, with playing children and bathing women were and still are much sought-after.

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