Monica Robertson Napaltjarri

Monica Robertson Napaltjarri
1960 ()

Country: Kiwirrkura
Nationality: Australian
Language group: Pintupi


Monica is the daughter of Kirindji Kuku Tjungurrayi. She is married to Kenny Lilias and related to Yakarri and Payu West. She is also the half sister of acclaimed artist Joseph Jurra Tjapaltjarri, who was elected as Chairman for Papunya Tula Artists in 1999. Other members of her extended family also played an important role in the establishment of the Papunya Tula Arts movement in the 1970s. Monica is well on her way to continue that family tradition.

Monica went to school in Papunya for a short period and later at Yuendumu when her family moved there. She began painting for Papunya Tula in the late 1990s at Kiwirrkura.