Karel Colnot

Karel Colnot
02.09.1921 (Bergen, The Netherlands) - 31.03.1996 (Bergen, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Karel Marinus Hendrikus, shortly ‘Karel’ Colnot was born on September 2, 1921, and was the son of painter Arnout Colnot. The young Colnot received a few lessons from his father at an early age, but for the rest of his life his father did not support him becoming an artist. Colnot persevered and became a versatile artist: he was a painter, draughtsman, watercolourist, engraver, lithographer and sculptor.

He made several trips abroad during his life, but mostly worked in his hometown of Bergen, which was a renowned village for artists and even has its own school of painters, the Bergen School. The subjects Colnot painted were classic and related to the subject matter and motives of the Bergen School painters: landscapes and still lives steeped in tradition. However, despite the fact that Colnot’s work is aligned mostly with the Bergen School, the tone in his work and use of colour embodies a French character and is bright and lively compared to his Dutch contemporaries. 

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