Ally Kemarre

Ally Kemarre
1920 () - 2007

Country: Ahalpere
Nationality: Australian
Language group: Anmatyerre


Ally began painting during the CAAMA - A Summer Project of 1988/89 when acrylic painting was introduced to her home region of Utopia. Though far from prolific, Ally steadily painted up until her death in 2007. Her simplistic paintings reflect the Anwekety; small black conkerberries that grow after good rain. They are found abundantly in certain areas of Utopia, particularly where she called home. Ally lived in a family community where many members were artists focused primarily on painting and to a lesser extent, sculpture. Some of these family members include Glady Kemarre, Angelina Pwerle and Polly and Kathleen Ngale. 


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