Tommy Watson Yannima

Tommy Watson Yannima
1935 (Anamarapiti) - 20.12.2017

Language group: Pitjantjatjara


Tommy Watson Yannima is a senior Pitjantjatjara elder, from the Karimara skin group, born around 1935 at Anamarapiti, a homeland 44 kilometres west of the present day community of Irrunytju in Western Australia.

As a young man Watson lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle and walked thousands of kilometres from waterhole to waterhole with his family. During this time he acquired traditional knowledge and practical skills about surviving in the desert. He learned the importance of tribal teachings about the relationship of country to men’s Tjukurpa. Tjukurpa refers to the creation period, or Dreamtime, when ancestral beings created the world as we know it. These stories contain the basis for the religion, law and moral systems of the Aboriginals of Australia.

Before he started to paint for Irrunytju Arts in 2002, Tommy Watson spent a period in his twenties as a stockman in the deserts around Mount Ebenezer, 200 kilometers east of Uluru and then Yuendumu. He later returned to his homeland to live a primarily traditional indigenous lifestyle where ceremony and connection with the land and his culture were very important.

Today, Tommy Watson still maintains strong links with his traditional lands and sacred sites. He paints ancestral stories from both his mother’s country south west of Warakurna and grandfather’s country. Through his art Tommy Watson symbolically passes on vital cultural knowledge.

Interestingly, Tommy keeps the sacred meanings of his paintings private, and like Emily Kame Kngwarrreye, he is not forthcoming about their personal spiritual meaning. His paintings can be described in abstract expressionist terms as exploiting a virtual 'geography of sensation'. The colors and abstract shapes are stunningly beautiful.

Tommy’s emergence as an artist is remarkable within Australian indigenous art. With a professional career of no more than seven years and no formal training in painting except for that which he initially received at the Irrunytju Community Arts Centre, his work has captured the hearts and minds of collectors all around the world. As one of Australia’s most distinguished indigenous artists he has paintings in both major Australian and international collections. It is no wonder that he was one of eight Australian indigenous artists whose work was selected for permanent exhibition at the prestigious Musee du Quai Branly in Paris in 2007.

In Australia, his extraordinary talent was confirmed when his Waltitjata set an all time record for the work of a living aboriginal artist when it sold for $ 240,000 at an auction in 2007.


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