Maayke Schuitema

Maayke Schuitema
02.05.1974 (The Hague)

Nationality: Dutch


Artist Maayke Schuitema (The Hague, 1974) lives in Wassenaar (The Netherlands) and works in The Hague. She grew up in an artistic family. Her grandfather, Paul Schuitema, was an international renowned graphic designer and photographer. Her father, Etsko Schuitema, also trained as a graphic designer, was of great influence of the development of Maayke as an artist. Dutch painter Bonies is an uncle of Maayke's and his son, Maayke's cousin, Jiri Nieuwenhuis also is painter. Especially when she was younger, he was an important roll model for her. A natural development of skill and technique became the foundation of Maayke Schuitema's art. This is the sign of a doubtless visual talent.

From 1985 to 1989 Maayke studies classical dance at the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague. Those years where an important experience, because the connection between body posture, empathy and state of mind are important aspects of her later artwork. In 1992 she graduated from the Rijnlands Lyceum in Wassenaar. Until 1994 Maayke Schuitema became a student of Painting/Graphic/Autonomy at the Royal Academy of fine arts in The Hague. In 1997 she started to run an advertising agency. In this period she developed thorough knowledge of typography and design, her personal passions. Those elements later found its way into her autonomous work. During a collaboration with artist Marjolein van Haasteren (1998 – 2002), they made working on commission there main goal. In 2002 Maayke started to work for herself. This was a conscious choice, the challenge was to combine graphic art and painting in autonomous work. Her calling as an artist became clear quite early, she just took a detour getting there.

The subject of her art is Maayke herself. A woman and her relation to her direct environment. Because of the autobiographic character, her work is intimately connected to her profession as an artist. There is a delicate balance that has been development out of the observation of the diverse rolls of women throughout there lives; partner, mother, daughter and always the option of the song woman. Maayke’s work has been exhibited extensively (inter)nationally and is to be found in major corporate collections, as well as many private collections. She is a member of the jury Paul Schuitema Award, granted by the Royal Art Academy of The Hague, and committee member of the Hague Pulchri Studio, a well known Dutch artist’s society.


2015 ArtMiami, Miami, USA.
2015 Art Silicon Valley - San Francisco, USA
2015 "Sterren op het Doek" Dutch National television show.
2015 Global Art Exhibition, SmithDavidson Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Art Miami, USA
2014 PAN Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2014 Art Silicon Valley - San Francisco, USA
2014 The Tenth Muse solo exhibition, Pulchi Studio - The Hague, the Netherlands
2014 LA Art Fair, Los Angeles, USA
2013 Art Southampton, NY, USA
2013 KunstRai, Amsterdam
2013 Art WareHouse, Rotterdam
2013 Art PalmBeach, Florida USA
2013 Art Wynwood, Miami USA
2012 PAN, Amsterdam
2012 Art Miami, Miami USA
2012 RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam
2012 Realisme 2 0 1 2, Amsterdam
2012 Arti12, The Hague
2012 Project 2.0, The Hague (solo)
2011 AAF Fair, Amsterdam
2011 Arti11, The Hague
2011 Art London, London
2011 Last Judgement Show, Leiden
2011 Art Chicago, Chicago, USA
2011 AAF Fair, New York, USA
2011 Art Singel 100, Amsterdam (solo)
2011 Bella Figura, Wassenaar (solo)
2010 Art Rotterdam, Young Masters @ Auction (offsite)
2010 AAF, Amsterdam, Project 2.0 (solo)
2010 GUTS! Pulchri Studio, The Hague (solo)
2009 Project 2.0, The Hague
2009 AAF ArtFair, Amsterdam (solo)
2008 AAF ArtFair, Amsterdam (solo)
2008 Hoogspanning, Wassenaar
2008 Project Atelier, Leiden
2007 De Galerie, The Hague (solo)
2007 Art Singel 100, Amsterdam (solo)
2007 HOA Artcentre, Spain
2007 Pulchri Studio, The Hague
2006 Koninklijk Paleis Soestdijk
2006 Art Singel 100, Amsterdam (solo)
2006 De Galerie, The Hague
2006 Holland ArtFair (HAF), The Hague (solo)
2005 De Galerie, The Hague (solo)
2005 Holland ArtFair (HAF), The Hague (solo)
2004 De Galerie, The Hague (solo)


PGGM Pensioenverzekeraars
E.V.A. Productiemaatschappij Paul de Leeuw 
Houses of Art 
Rabobank, the Netherlands
Gemeente Wassenaar 
Florence BV 
Ministerie van VROM 
Miss Etam Group 
Art Singel 100, Amsterdam 
De Galerie, The Hague

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