Jan Zoetelief Tromp

Jan Zoetelief Tromp
13.12.1872 (Jakarta, Indonesia) - 28.09.1947 (Breteuil-sur-Iton, France)

Nationality: Dutch


Zoetelief Tromp was a Dutch painter who is mostly known for his beach scenes with playing children and scenes from the life of fishermen and farmers. Zoetelief Tromp was deaf-mute and his grandmother played an critical role in helping him learn to talk and lip-read. Officially his surname was Tromp, but later he added the name Zoetelief - from his grandmother’s side - to his own, to honour his grandmother. Zoetelief Tromp’s style is comparable to that of The Hague School, though his palette is brighter and he uses lighter colours. The atmosphere in his beach scenes is lighthearted and emanates happiness and joy. During the summer Zoetelief Tromp visited Katwijk regularly with his wife and children. This is where he painted many of his works. His two daughters were his most important models. Unlike his beach scenes, his paintings of fishermen and farmers are characterised by a more modest colour palette, reflecting their hard lives. 

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