The Vijzelstraat in Enkhuizen


Springer also made a preliminary study for this painting.


C.H. Nieuwenhuijs, London, bought directly from the artist on 18 June 1866, for Dfl. 600;
Collection S. Richman, New York, U.S.A.


W. Laanstra, H.C. de Bruin en Dr. J.H.A. Ringeling, Cornelis Springer (1817-1891), Utrecht 1984, p. 152, cat. no. 66-7;
Compare: W. Laanstra, Cornelis Springer. Geschilderde Steden, Amsterdam 1994, p. 132, cat. no. T66-1.

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Cornelis Springer

b. 25.05.1817
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

d. 18.02.1891
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Springer is considered the most renowned townview painter of the Dutch Romantic era. At the age of 17 he entered his first work in an exhibition, to be followed by about 120 other contributions to national and international art exhibitions. His work consists of carefully executed town views in which the figures are dwarfed by the presence of imposing Gothic structures, with transparent  . . .
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