Dreamtime Story of the Willy Willy #219


In this painting, Rover Thomas depicts the path of a desert whirlwind or Willy Willy. In Aboriginal myths, willy willies represent spirit forms. They are often quite scary spirits, and parents may warn their children that if they misbehave, a spirit will emerge from the spinning vortex of dirt and grab them. 



Painted by the artist for the Aboriginal Gallery of Dreamings, Melbourne, Australia;
Private collection, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, The Netherlands;
Leslie Smith Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 


Work of Rover Thomas is included in the permant collection of the AAMU, Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands 

Rover Thomas Joolama

b. 1926
Yalda Soak

d. 1998

Rover Thomas (c. 1926 – 1998), one of Australia’s best known Indigenous painters, was responsible for a major movement in Australian art. He was born to a Wangkajunga father and a Kukatja mother around 1926 at Kunawarritji on the canning stock route in north-western Australia. This route crosses both the great Sandy and Gibson deserts, areas that would play an important role in Thomas’s . . .
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