A View of the 'Groothoofd', Dordrecht


This painting shows the so-called ‘Groothoofd’, a historical building at the riverside in the Dutch town of Dordrecht. It is a popular place where people come to look at the boats, since it is a junction where three rivers cross: the Oude Maas, the Noord and the Beneden Merwede. It is actually one of the busiest river junctions in Europe.

Klinkenberg must have found it an appealing area, since he depicted the Groothoofd at least seven times. The white building on the left is the chique Hotel Bellevue, which just recently has been restored.

As this painting shows, Klinkenberg is rightfully called the ‘painter of the sunny town views’. The sun comes in from the left, casting a shadow on the stepped gable and the trees, creating a diagonal line in the direction of the steamer that is anchored at the quay. Klinkenberg beautifully rendered the reflection in the water by cleverly placing small strokes of contrasting coloured paint side by side, creating the impression of a slightly sloshing water surface.


Private collection, The Netherlands


Willem Laanstra, Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg; 1852-1924, Laren 1999, comparable pieces on p. 122, 222.

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Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg

b. 14.01.1852
The Hague, The Netherlands

d. 23.04.1924
The Hague, The Netherlands

Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg was born in The Hague on January 14, 1852 and died there on April 23, 1924. He attended the Academy of The Hague, where he was a pupil of marine painter Louis Meijer (1809-1866). Later he was under the tutelage of portrait and genre painter Christoffel Bisschop (1828-1904), who stimulated his interest and directed his talent towards the use of sunli . . .
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