Straightening Spears at Ilyingaungau #261


This work by Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula is of the type that is considered his most important and most influential. His first Straightening Spears at Ilyingaungau waas painted in 1990 and is widely considered his masterpiece. The minimalist work of lines of linked dotting in red, ochre and various shades of yellow ochre, whose subtle modulations of line and tone evoked for mainstream audiences the quintessential desert landscape. We easily recognize the spears, but also a striking vertical rock formation at this particular site, might have been in the artist's mind when he crated the original.

Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula

b. 1938
Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory

d. 2001

Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula was born under a tree along a river bed approximately eight kilometers east of Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory. Turkey’s father was Toba Tjakamarra, an Emu man from the area around Lake MacDonald and Walungurru, present day Kintore.  After Turkey’s birth, his family continued living in the bush, though they spent most of their time around the Lutheran mission o . . .
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