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Timmy Payungka Tjapangati was among the first Pintupi men to begin painting on hardboard at Papunya in 1971. Tjapangati was a highly individual painter among the Pintupi artists and this late work is at the same time an assertion of his undoubted ceremonial authority. In ‘Tingari cycle at Wilkinkarra’, Timmy Payungka Tjapangati fills the picture space with the intricate ‘key’ patterns that are characteristically incised onto wooden objects associated with secret ceremonies, and the palette is reduced to a brownish ochre undercoat covered by a maze of yellow ochre and white dotted lines, the effect of which is total visual power with a remarkable degree of abstraction.


2014/2015 ART & INTERIOR Modern Aboriginal Art, Marcel Wolterinck, Laren, The Netherlands

Timmy Payunka Tjapangati

b. 1935
Parayilpil, Northern Territory

d. 2000

Timmy was born around 1935 at the important claypan site of Parayilpil, where, before European settlement, large groups of Aboriginals gathered to conduct ceremonies after a good rain. After a few brief early encounters with "whitefellas", Timmy and his family definitively moved to Haatsts Bluff in 1958.   Timmy is said to have been a very intelligent and handsome man, being described a . . .
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