Kutungka Napanangka Dreaming #414


George Ward Tjungurrayi paints in his own adaptation of the Tingari style. The Tingari Cycle is a cycle of mythological stories about the supernatural ancestors of the Pintupi that during the formation of the earth travelled around the country, performing rites, teaching law and shaping life and the landscape. Deceptively delicate lines of loosely-joined dots create networks or webs over the entire surface of the canvas. This gives his paintings a distinct energy that contributes to the dynamism inherent in the composition. Multi-layered representations of country such as this painting reflect the central concerns of the Papunya Tula artists.
This particular piece depicts the mythological journeys of Kutungka Napanangka, an old woman who passed through a series of sites west of the Kintore Community. During her travels from Mina Mina salt lake towards the east she stopped at the rockhole site of Tjinalka, where she gathered a variety of seeds that can be ground into a paste and then cooked in the coals to form a type of unleavened bread. Later she continued travelling towards the east eventually reaching Muruntji near Mount Liebig. At Muruntji she was accosted by one of a group of boys so she chased them and caught all but the culprit who managed to escape. She killed the others and cooked them in a fire.

George Ward Tjungurrayi

b. 1945
Lakarra, Western Australia

Around 1945, George Ward Tjungurrayi was born near sacred Lakarra in Western Australia. Like many other Pintupi, he came to Papunya in the wake of one of Jeremy Long’s Welfare Branch Patrols in 1963. George spent a lot of time looking at the work of his brothers Yala Yala Gibbs and Willy Tjungurrayi, who had become two of the most important painters of Papunya Tula in Kintore. George,  . . .
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