Mina Mina (Salt Lake) Dreaming #438


Dorothy's work is often praised as being innovative and experimental, yet they reflect the artist's strong cultural and ancestral ties to the land. In this painting, Dorothy focusses on the Women's Dreaming, passed down from her late grandfather via her father, the work follows the long journeys of Women Ancestors from Mina Mina, a significant site in a remote area of the Northern Territory west of Yuendumu. Carrying their digging sticks the women walk and dance, visiting many significant sites, staying in some places to rest, going underground and later re-emerging.

Dorothy Napangardi

b. 1952
d. 2013

Dorothy Napangardi was born around 1958 in the area of Mina Mina salt lake in the Tanami Desert. She belongs to the Warlpiri language group and grew up in the settlement of Yuendumu where her father is still a senior lawgiver. She commenced painting in 1987 and had little formal schooling, but was instructed in the historic Dreamings of her people.  “Dreaming” is an imprecise English tr . . .
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