Untitled #464


This painting depicts the events associated with Wirrulnga, a rockhole site east of the Kiwirrkura Community in Western Australia. A group of ancestral women camped here during the time of creation (Tjukurrpa or Dreamtime) after travelling from the site of Ngaminya further west. Wirrulnga is a site that is associated with birth, and the lines adjacent to the central roundels symbolize the extended shape of a pregnant woman who gave birth at the site.

While at Wirrulnga, the women also spun hair-string to make 'nyimparra' (hair string skirts), which are worn during ceremonies. From Wirrulnga the women continued their travels north to Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay). As they travelled, they gathered large quantities of 'kumparapara' (desert raisin), which are depicted by the many small circles. 


2018 Expo Chicago, SmithDavidson Gallery, Chicago, USA
2018 Zona Maco, SmithDavidson Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

Ningura Napurrula

b. 1938
Watulka, Northern Territory

d. 2013

Ningura Naparrula was born around 1938 in Watulka, south of Kiwirkurra, Northern Territory. Ningura Napurrula is the widow of the famous Papunya artist Yala Yala Gibbs. Ningura was represented at the ARCO Art Fair 2002 in Spain and in the same year won the prestigious Alice Prize. Ningura Naparrula began painting in the 90s and with Naata Nungurrayi is one of the founders of the ‘Pintup . . .
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