Flower Still Life


In this painting Valtat created a vertical composition with a vivid arrangement of white, pink and purple flowers, placed in a brown earthenware jug. The background is divided into two parts; left a red wall, contrasting with the white flowers in the bouquet. On the right he depicted wallpaper with a colourful pattern of white, pink, reds and blue, matching the colours in the flower arrangements and almost ‘blending’ with the flowers.

The dark green leaves in the bouquet, together with the bold contours and shadow of the jug and pink cloth on the table add to the composition and make it an exciting and energetic painting to look at.

Valtat was a post-Impressionist who was part of ‘Les Nabis’, a group of avant-garde artists. These painters strived for an emotional approach of the art by using bold, and vivid colours. Renowned for his colourful landscapes and flower still lifes with expressive qualities, this painting is a fine and typical example for Valtat’s work.


Private collection, Paris, since 1957.


Dr. J. Valtat, Louis Valtat, Catalogue Raisonne de l'oeuvre peint 1869-1952, Neuchatel, 1977, cat. no. 2303.

Louis Valtat

b. 08.08.1869
Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France

d. 02.01.1952
Paris, France

Louis Valtat started his artistic education at the age of 17, at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and finished his studies at the Académie Julian. There he was introduced to the work of Maurice Denis and other painters from the Les Nabis movement (the ‘prophets’). In 1890 Valtat purchased his own studio located at the Rue de la Glacière in Paris and the streets in this neighbourhood a . . .
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