Peasant on a Forest Lane


The composition of this painting is characteristic for the work of Johannes Hendrik Weissenbruch. It shows a landscape with large trees on the right side; our eye is drawn along a forest lane with a peasant. The scene is dominated by dark tones of grey, brown and green. A typical Weissenbruch feature is the division in the composition; a heavy clouded sky that takes three quarter of the panel and a low horizon.

Weissenbruch gave the scene a sensational depth by creating a contrast between the dark trees and the clouds. Furthermore the stormy sky has contrast as well in the white and darker parts, instigating a striking dynamic. The subtle white hint of the farm, which is hidden in the forest, keeps attracting the attention of the viewer.

The painting bears a stamp of Weissenbruch’s studio and has an interesting reverse side as well. Underneath a red seal is a label with an old writing by Weissenbruch grandson. He declares this painting as being an original by his grandfather and states that the work came from his inheritance.

Johannes Hendrik Weissenbruch

b. 19.06.1824
The Hague, The Netherlands

d. 24.03.1903
The Hague, The Netherlands

Hendrik Johannes ‘J.H.’ Weissenbruch was born in The Hague on June 19th, 1824 and passed away in the same city on March 24th, 1903. He is considered one of the most important painters of the Dutch Hague School. He lived in The Hague until his death and during his life he painted mainly landscapes in the vicinity, like Scheveningen, Haarlem and the Dutch polders of Boskoop, Gouda and Nie . . .
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