Witchetty Grub Dreaming #605


This dreaming tells of the hunt for witchetty grubs. Witchetty grubs are found in the ground and tree trunks all over the Australian country. The women dig them out and place them in their coolamons. When they return to the camp sites they cook them in the coals of fire.


2011 purchased at Warnayaka Arts Centre, Lajamanu;
Leslie Smith Gallery, Amsterdam 


‘Contemporary Art Exhibition' Private Banking Rabobank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lily Yirringali Jurrah Hargraves Nungurrayi

b. 01.07.1930
Jilla Well

Lily Yirringali Jurrah Hargraves Nungurrayi is a senior law woman for Lajamanu and an avid Walpiri artist and passionate about her culture. Born in the Tanami desert around 1930, she is driven to record and preserve while knowing she is fighting against time and the new impeding Western culture.  The artist's depth of character and life experience is reflected in her work. She is also k . . .
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