George Tjungurrayi's distinctive style and theme represent the claypan of Mamultjulkunga, a soakage water site north-west of Lake Mackay where the artist's father passed away. Two Tingari (ancestral) men made camp at this site. One man was from the Tjangala Kinship subsection and the other man from the Tjapaltjarri kinship subsection.

After rain the claypan became a freshwater lake. A fleshy sub-shrub known as Tecticornia Verrucosa is prominent in the area and its seed (mungilypa or samphire) are collected and ground into a paste and cooked on coals to make a form of unleaved bread. This is what inspired George to make this painting.


Painted for Yanda Aboriginal Art, Alice Springs NT, Australië, 2010;
Acquired by Leslie Smith Gallery Amsterdam, 2011 


Expo Chicago 2018, SmithDavidson Gallery, Chicago, USA
2018 Zona Maco, SmithDavidson Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

A painting of George Tjungurrayi very similar to this artwork, has been exhibited in the year 2000 at the 'Genesis and Genius' exhibition of the Gallery of New South Wales in Australia.


Gallery of New South Wales, Papunya Tula 'Genesis and Genius' New South Wales 2000, p. 120-121

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George 'Hairbrush' Tjungurrayi

b. 1947
Kiwirkurra, Western Australia

George Tjungarrayi was born around 1947 in the bush west of Kiwirkurra in Pintupi country. He started painting for Papunya Tula Artists in 1976 and has since developed into one of the master painters of contemporary Pintupi art.  George’s style is characterized by fine lines and beautiful geometric patterns with which he depicts the traditional Tingari Cycle, a collection of religious s . . .
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Mamultjulkunga #7939

Untitled 2017

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