Grass Seeds #689


Barbara’s paintings include representations of particular plants and ‘dreamings’, inspired by deep Aboriginal traditions. Aboriginal art expert Jenny Green has commented that "in some of her paintings residual traces of women's ceremonial designs are almost entirely obscured by the heavy textural application of natural ochres". (J. Green, "Holding the country: art from Utopia and the Sandover", in: Hetti Perkins & Margie West. One Sun One Moon: Aboriginal Art in Australia, Sydney (Art Gallery of New South Wales) 2007, p. 206.

Barbara Weir

b. 1945
Bundy River Station, Utopia

Barbara Florence Weir was born around 1945 at what was formerly known as Bundy River Station in the region of Utopia, north east of Alice Springs (Australia); her mother was the late Minnie Pwerle (1920-2006), a renowned Utopia artist, and her father Irish cattle station owner Jack Weir. Barbara is a notable artist, whose work has been exhibited and collected by major institutions, as w . . .
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