The Harbour of Dordrecht


Johannes Hendrik van Mastenbroek is sometimes called the ‘Rotterdam harbour painter of his time’, since he closely followed the developments of one of Europe’s largest harbours and often used this subject in his paintings. However, he not only limited himself to the harbour of Rotterdam. The harbour of Dordrecht, which we see in this watercolour, is one of the oldest in The Netherlands. Van Mastenbroek boldly depicted the reflections in the water, creating a dynamic scene, and he further emphasized the vivacity of the area by using rich colours.

In the background we see the Grote Kerk of Dordrecht. The history of this church, with its 65 meters high tower, goes back to the 13th century. Belonging to the Top 100 of Holland’s UNESCO World Heritage monuments, it is a popular attraction for tourists. Furthermore, the carillon is one of the largest in Europe; it has 67 clocks and a mass of 52.000 kg. Van Mastenbroek focused the composition on the Grote Kerk, placing it in the exact centre of the scene and directing your eye to the building along the vessels in the water.

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Johannes Hendrik van Mastenbroek

b. 04.12.1875
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

d. 16.11.1945
Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Johan Hendrik van Mastenbroek was born in 1875 in Rotterdam and is known as the Impressionist of the New Time. He primarily painted atmospheric pictures of the Rotterdam harbor and his collected works document the technical progress and the rapidly increasing activity in the Rotterdam port. Strongly inspired by Jacob Maris, Van Mastenbroek painted lofty, high cloud skies, which often wi . . .
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